Public Relations plays a very important roll for companies to have. The field has started to grow within recent years because of things like social media. People in public relations have to deal with different situations, some good and some bad.A company’s public appearance is very important. Companies hire people in PR to relate to whats going on in the world. In PR you have to understand whats going on in the world as well, this helps companies to make public statements that flow with the people and does not offend the people.

In journalism, you look for the truth. You do not take sides or be bias on the subject. When being a PR rep, you take sides with your company to appeal to the people or target market. The two both have some sort of story involved but journalism is all about the truth and not saving face.

Having a significant moment in a press release is huge according to Filak. He says making a firm statement and inducing a response is great for a press release.


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