Being in PR is almost like having to play a constant mental chess game.

If I move this piece, this is how it will reflect on my company, but if I move this piece, this is now the result.

A PR specialist’s job is to skew public opinion in favor of the company or organization, and it is often presented in press releases, how certain topics are reported and advertising.

Firehouse subs is a great example of this. In their radio ads, they highlight that they were “founded by firemen” and use their yearly donations of X amount of money to local fire stations as a good PR move to highlight the company in the best way.

PR is only successful if it benefits both the sender and the receiver, otherwise you’re creating distrust in your publics. Charitable acts are one of the most common (and quite frankly easiest) ways to build up a company’s name and present it as a good establishment.


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