In chapter 11, I learned what it truly means to be a public relations representative. Their work is often filtered through multiple media outlets and thus the public rarely sees it. I also learned that to be a PR rep you have to be deliberate. Public relations workers take action that is international. They act in the hope of creating a specific result. With that being said PR reps also have to be prepared, well-performed, mutually beneficial, and responsive.

Being a PR rep also means journalism. There are a few different types of writing PR reps have to do that are similar and different from journalism. This includes News release’s, Announcements, Spot announcements, reactions releases, bad news, localization, fact sheets, media alerts, and pitches. These are all so interesting to me to see the difference in what a PR person does vs. a journalist.

Finally, the keys to being a PR rep is having transparency, to lay bare all of the issues associated with a topic, regardless of how good or bad they are, in a clear immediate way. As a PR rep, you’d also have to have to know that, the more you hide, the worse it is, and the bandages approach; which is just when you have to pull off a bandage.


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