Reading Response 2

Especially in this day and age, how a company is represented in the public eye is extremely important. This representation is left up to one person, the PR representative. While most journalists have a main goal to tell the news as it is, PR Reps have the unique task of trying to only look at the positive side of whoever they are reporting on, which is usually the company they are hired by.

However, this is a very thin line for a PR rep to walk. Like Filak says, “The more you hide, the worse it is.” Therefore it is a PR person’s job to shape the public’s opinion of the company they work for while also being fully honest with them. While it may be hard to talk bad about the company in charge of you, PR representatives not only have to deal with issues going out to the public, but also have to try and explain to the public exactly what the company is doing to resolve these issues.

All in all, PR might be one of the strangest areas of journalism to write for, but it is also one of the most important.


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