Filak states that public relations workers will solicit feedback to see how well an idea fared or whether people enjoyed an event. It is said that they are also the people who decide how to meet the needs of the general public in the best way possible.

It is quite important for PR professionals to relay information to the public in a clear and concise manner. If they cannot do that, it relates back to the same consequences that journalists face: trust is broken and the audience won’t know if your writing should be questioned. It is their duty to present factual and accurate information.

Although it is dire for PR professionals to relay the information they have, it is just as important for them to generate responses from the audience. Feedback and opinions help to change the direction of the content given, or shows them if they need to dive deeper into the topic they are currently covering.

Before reading this chapter, I didn’t know much about the PR background and what actually happened behind the scenes. But I soon realized that it is a very broad profession to cover briefly– they are the people who have to take a planned approach to convey information to audience members. They focus on the audience’s needs and how to reach them in the most productive way. Sparking their interest is the main goal.


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