Chapter 3 of Filak explained the importance of grammar and grammar structure. If your readers cannot understand what you have written, you have missed the mark as a writer. Active voice is another big topic that Filak touches on. Active voice is much easier to read and keeps the audience more engaged.  they contain one or two key points but are not so long that your audience will be become tiresome. Sometimes I keep my sentences long but only when I have a good topic to debate about. so that is something I need to work on.

In chapter four, Filak talks about the “Killer Be’s.” Be Right, Be Tight, Be Clear, Be Active, Be Smooth and Be Quick. One of the most important things to do is to get the reader the important information as quickly, and correctly as possible. You may want to be quick, but you also must efficient and correct on getting them the right information. If your article does not flow, it’s very hard to keep the reader engaged and paying attention to what you’re trying to explain. Because most people only read the beginning of an article, it’s very important to get the most vital information across as soon as you can, while maintaining flow and accuracy of course. If you’re lead grabs their attention and expressed enough information to keep them tuned in, then you have a good start. Leads are always something I struggle with while writing, so having all the different examples of leads right in front of me was very helpful.


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