Chapter 3 centers its’ focus on the keeping things simple for the reader and not overcomplicating things with your leads. Readers need it to be simple and straight to the point to fully grasp the concept of what the article is trying to cover.

Editing an article is a major key when it is going to be published. Reading the writing out loud is one strategy that forces the editor to hear and see his own mistakes. Having no errors in the writing is crucial to professional writing and the publishing of articles.

Chapter 4 focuses on the killer “B’s.” This is a topic that we covered last semester but is defiantly one that is worth going over again. Simply remembering the killer “Bs” while writing a story can save you time both the writing and editing stages.

Reading Chapter 8 was one of my favorite we have read so far. It was great to remember that everything needs to be prepared before it is published, even when it’s breaking news. Though it is important to be one of the first to break the story, accuracy and correctness take priority. The chapter also covers how to deal with all possible outcomes of an ongoing event.


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