Chapter 3 talks about how failure to put the best typed message forward will lead to big problems for everyone involved. We need to write with solid nouns and powerful verbs in our sentences and use simple things to get our word across. Over complicated things can confuse the readers and not get the point you needed across. Reading our work aloud will help with this. We will be able to hear our mistakes better than just reading it silently in our minds. Own od the most powerful things that spoke out to me was “When in doubt, look it up. If you still don’t know, don’t couch it with vague notions and weak qualifiers.”

Chapter 4 we learn about the killer “Be’s”, which are, be right, be tight, be clear, be active, be smooth, and be quick.  We need these to make our stories great and enjoyable to read. This chapter seems to tell us the rights from wrongs in writing.

Chapter 8 taught me that for all types of events need preparing. Such as breaking news, speeches, meetings, and news conferences. Knowing how to cover an event will help you with the preparing process. This was probably my favorite chapter to read because it broke down how to cover events to get the best possible outcome. It tells about localizations, obituaries and profile writing. I found it interesting that the first step for these stores were not all the same and that is what I like about writing. Its always something new.


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