Brooks Beddow

Me and my baby

This is me and my girl Madi at my junior year prom. The dance was excellent, as you could expect.

Me and my friend Garrett Beem at Senior Prom

This is me and one of my closest friends in the world. Me and Garrett have been friends since the first grade! He is a a sophomore at KSU but we still manage to see each other on the weekends from time to time.

Me and my family at signing day

This is the day that I signed to play Baseball at Piedmont College. I graduated from Jefferson High School in 2017.



This is me exploring the world . One of my very closest friends Ethan Jones invited me on his senior trip out in Cancun. This was my first time flying overseas.


This is a cool pick of me and my hot girlfriend last fall.

Boys from back home

This is a picture of me and my high school boys. We did everything together. We had a thing that we would all go to wing night every Thursday night at the Jefferson Pizza Kitchen and just have a great time.


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