Filak makes a few points that anyone looking to be successful in writing must remember. The most important rules? Spell correctly and make sure your grammar is correct.

In these chapters that we also read last semester, Filak highlights important rules of writing, the basics of how to construct good sentences and what makes a reporter great. Writing so your readers can understand is one of the most critical parts of media writing.

One of the points Filak made was to make your sentence structure vary to make an impact. For some reason the way this was presented sounded to me like the structure of every horror movie cliche.

Long sentences invoke the same feelings audiences get during the first 15 minutes of a horror film when you’re meeting characters and discovering the plot.  It’s boring and long and not full of action and your audience is just along for the ride until it get more interesting.

Medium length sentences are like when you’re watching the stupid cheerleader girl go into the haunted basement. You know something’s going to happen soon and it’s definitely more interesting than the “meet the characters” filler.

Short sentences are like when the girl finds the ghost in the closet. Or doll. Or nun. Take your pick. Short sentences add drama and are more impactful than boring longer ones.

Filak makes some valuable insights that help the reader know what the best way to be a good journalist is.


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