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To begin this response, I would like to say that everything that Filak has mentioned in “Dynamics of Media Writing,” I had to apply throughout the course of my newspaper internship this past summer. This guy is seriously a genius.

Style and grammar matter TREMENDOUSLY when writing. If you can’t communicate to your readers clearly, how will they be able to understand what you really mean? A clear connection of speech from yourself to the readers builds a trusting bond. Forming that trusting bond will give your writing a characteristic that brings more readers in.

Simplicity and clarity is the first step to creating a relationship (and that bond I was talking about earlier) with your audience. When Filak introduces this strategy, he shows you that your sentences set the pace for your specific piece of writing, which is an important aspect of journalism. The flow of your writing shows your readers your style.

Let’s be honest here, media writing is unique in itself. There are many rules to follow, but there are also many ways to keep your writing creative, without it looking identical to every other journalist’s work. Writing is a skill that can be developed and shaped and Filak explains how media writing can be perfected, while keeping it your own. Building your writing up, beginning with the basics, helps guide your writing in the right direction.

Along with media writing comes the decision on if the event should even be covered. Is it interesting? Is it worth telling? Will it make an audience want to read your story? Filak states that you have to know how to cover an event– and cover it productively. Preparation and fact checking is mandatory to be successful as a journalist.

During my internship, I applied all of the news reporting steps that Filak mentions. It was a way to conduct my interviews, event coverages, and photo ops adequately to get what I needed for the paper. I made sure I questioned my motives beforehand to be sure of the purpose of my story– which was a key aspect of my success as a reporter.


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