Hi, I’m Jade!

This is my sophomore year at Piedmont College and I am absolutely in love with this small school in this small town. I could not wait to move back here and continue my journey.
I was in a wreck over the summer where my car was totaled. Everyone walked away with minor injuries but considering it was my first accident, it scared me to death. I walked away with a new perspective on life. Iv always heard the saying “live everyday like its your last” but I never really understood it until that day. Since then I try to make everyday as productive as it possible can. Whether it’s working, hanging out with friends, or doing a few chores; I try to do more than just sit and roam all my diVAnfferent social media apps. Doing this I found a new love for hiking and going on adventures, so if anyone ever needs a hiking buddy, you know where to find one!
If you want to get me to talk about something, ask me about my 6-month-old nephew, Van! Just look at how precious he looks! I can sit all day and tell you about what makes him laugh or what little weird quirks he has. If you want I can shows you videos and picture that has completely filled all my storage on my phone but it’s totally worth it.
Oh and by the way, I work at Chicago’s Pizza right down the road for the school, we have really good food so everyone should come in sometime to see me. 😊


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