A Transfer’s Journey

My name is Cameron Verona, and I am a Sophomore transfer student from Reinhardt University. I fled briefcase in hand from a place I once intended to call home for my entire college career, and ended up here at Piedmont, hoping to find a home for myself amongst the sea of green and white lions.

Leaving was not easy, but I knew a change had to take place in order to impact my life for the better. While I am currently involved with the MCOM program and find every aspect of the major to be absolutely captivating, this path is not one which I intend to tread down every day for the rest of my life; no – I want to play professional soccer. Without the game, I am nothing, and this is seen to be doubly true when I believe the former phrase with all my being. This is the primary reason I have transferred to Piedmont.

I was always told that in order to make it at the highest level, a track record of success must be surmounted first at the college level. To keep it short and sweet, I was not seeing much of the field at Reinhardt, and it was imperative that I find another institution in which I could fight day and night, on and off the field, to play and create success for myself and the team. With all of the above in mind, I packed my bags and made my way to Piedmont, craving to seize the opportunities that now exist right before my very eyes; opportunities that I have always wanted.

On the side, I play guitar as a hobby alongside video games. I have continuously taught myself how to play guitar for about two years now, and was inspired to begin the task after seeing my high school British Literature teacher play for us in class (this combined with my desire to play the rock and metal music that I have come to love since I was a child). On the video game side of things, I have been playing those much longer and they exist to myself just as valuable a way to spend time with friends as seeing them in person may be to others.

I’m excited about the upcoming year at Piedmont!


[Pictured below: Pablo (left, a friend from Spain) and me (right) at the Slayer concert in Atlanta on August 10th]



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