Call me by my middle name

Since the first day of kindergarten, I can remember the teachers going through the attendance and calling out “Emma.” Quite, shy little me did not correct the teacher when she said it. Instead, I went to her desk after class days later, to tell her I webest aunt evernt by Jade. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I dreaded correcting the teacher with my name. Luckily, my last name starts with a V so my name was lower on the attendance roll and I had some time to prepare how I was going to say “I go by Jade.”

I have always been the extremely shy, quite and reserved person in a group of people that I did not know; that’s why it was so hard for me tell a teacher my name because I would have to say it in front of all my classmates. Scary, right? In school, I never really found anything that I really enjoyed or fit into. I was never into sports or anything like that. One thing that I did enjoy was technology. i knew that for sure.

In high school, I was placed in my first video production class (by accident) and by the end of the semester, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Filming and creating videos was my passion and still is. I found my self constantly talking about my film projects to anyone who would listen, usually my mom. I had a hard time convicting my mom that this was a good career for me until she learned that video production was Georgia’s leading industry. She stop complaining then and actually listened to me talking about my film projects. In ninth and tenth grade, I filmed some dance recitals and meetings that my Coach asked me too along with all the class projects. In eleventh grade, most of his film crew graduated so it was time to hire a new crew. That’s when he asked me if I would like to film some football games. Of course I couldn’t deny the offer. So during football season, I filmed all the games with the rest of the crew and I was even more certain this was exactly what I wanted to do. My senior year was my time to shine. I filmed everything I could get my hands on between filming football, being a head producer for soccer games, and live streaming baseball games, to live streaming students on collage signing days, to news shows, and highlight videos. I feel like I just feel like I did it all and I’m proud of myself for that. I worked many late nights filming games and when I wasn’t filming I was a part time waitress at Pizza Hut.

My film coach became one of my best friends throughout my high school years and he also pushed my past my limits to ensure that I was doing the best I could. He gave many opportunities to go tour news stations, film competitions, he took me and 13 other film students for STN (Student Television Network) in California! He is also one of the main reasons I am here a Piedmont. He told me just to apply and see where that lead me. I actually got the call saying I had been accepted while I was in California. I couldn’t stop thanking him and on graduation night a few tears where shed as I said goodbye to someone who had such a big impact on my life.

That’s has been my journey so far and I can not wait to see where Piedmont takes me.

“Its Jade!”


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