About me

My name is Justin Alexander I’m currently a freshman at Piedmont College and I major in sports mass communication I am 18 years of age and I was born on October 29,1999 I’m from Sparta Georgia where I attended EBLA Academy since middle school. I like to be outdoors and spend time with family and friends. This past summer I went to the mountains in pigeon forge Tennessee and rode my four-wheeler along the mountain trails. I also went sky diving later that summer with my mom. I’m not a very big fan of heights so as we were going up in the plane I was thinking about what would happen if my parachute wouldn’t come out or I didn’t pull it out in time before I hit the ground. A few minutes later we were up high up enough to where we could jump, and I was the first one to go. After I jumped I realized it wasn’t that bad, but I was still hoping my parachute came out and it did. Overall it was fun, and I really enjoyed.

My favorite sport growing up was football and even though I’ve lived in Georgia all my life the Ohio State Buckeyes is my favorite team. Since I was 6 years old I loved football. Once I was in the third grade I played football for the first time. I was second string running back and sometimes played as a slot receiver. I stop playing football in the 6th grade because I transferred to an all academic school. I decided since I couldn’t play football anymore I still wanted to be involved in the sport world somehow. So, my senior year of high school I decided to further pursue that dream and come to Piedmont to major in sport communication, so I could still be a part of a sport that I am very passionate about.


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