About me

My name is Wesley Turner, I am 19 years old and currently I am a sophomore at Piedmont College majoring in Sports Mass Communications. I enjoyed my freshman year last year met many people and made many friends. I went to Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia. I played Varsity baseball and I wrestled for varsity too. In baseball, I played all positions except for catcher and I wrestled in the 138 lbs weight class. Sports always been my life since I was about 3 years old. Unfortunately I am not playing any sports with Piedmont, because I felt the need to only focus on school. When I was playing I would put sports in front of school and not be 100% focus, but still would pass with all A’s and B’s. When it’s something I want to do or have to earn I won’t stop working until I get it, no matter what it is school or sports I will give 100% into everything. This quote always comes to my head whenever I feel like I need more motivation, “anything you do in life good or bad will always show up in the future, because the good will lead you to success and the bad will just lead you to nothing, choose which side you want.” I always choose the good. The person that told me this is my dad who still tells me it today.
I have two little brothers, their names are Jordan and Brandon. Jordan is 7 years old and Brandon is 14 years old. Even though there’s a big gap in between all three of us we still work together like we’re the same age. I’m going to always look out for them no matter what. I have two female dogs and two male dogs; one female is a bully named Gracie (1yrs) and the other is a toy poodle named Charlee (few months), both males Hulk (1yrs) and DJ (2months). They are all over protective.
I chose to focus on sports mass communication as my major, because sports is my passion. I want to pursue my dreams in becoming a sports agent/manger or be on ESPN and or Sports Center. I hope to take the new things I will learn this year and later, to bring with me in the future.

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