About Me

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s this: I’ve always had a passion and love for media. When I was a little girl, I adored TV. I watched the screen all day with

IMG_5714my older sister and younger brother. We never switched the channel from PBS Kids, it was our favorite thing to do besides annoy one another and run around accidentally breaking things.

As I got older, we frequently switched the channel to Disney. I’d memorize full show opening sequences and episodes. I always told my mom that I’d be on Disney Channel one day. When I reached my preteen years, I made my first appearance on television. Okay, no, it was not on Disney, but instead my elementary school’s news broadcast as the weather girl. It wasn’t the big debut I probably dreamed about but I loved my position on the news team and always gave the news with a smile.

When middle school, and puberty, came around, I found interest in reading and writing. I was reading a new book every three days, sometimes writing my own sequels or spin-offs to my favorites. I watched movies and thought of ways I could have wrote a scene or an ending better. I tried to think about why a director would record a scene the way they did or why they used certain music or lighting. It was fun for me to try and put myself in the shoes of a director and think of how I’d film a movie.

In high school I put a lot of my energy into the arts, I did choir all four years and even did a couple of school plays. It’s always been important for me to learn, and through these experiences I learned that I loved being a part of a team or collective. We worked together collectively to sound unified in choir and in theater, dozens of people worked hours to make the show an experience for everyone in the audience. During these years, I thought about ways I could bundle up everything I have a passion for (TV, books, movies, and writing) and put it to use for my future. When I discovered Piedmont at a college fair and looked into their mass communications department, I felt that coming here could help me put all of those passions to use.

Now, as a sophomore here, I’m beginning to get more of a sense of what I want and who I want to be. I’ve learned a lot already that has challenged me, excited me, and left me eager to learn more. So, I take comfort in the feeling that I’m going in the right direction.


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