Lindsey Harris short profile

By: Lexi Deagen

Having an affinity for helping others can be rare. It seems as though looking out for oneself is the popular trend. However, one University of Georgia student does not feel that way.

“Things that aren’t going to help people progress and get to a better place in their lives are not worth doing. I need to help people,” Lindsey Harris, a 21-year-old journalism major, said.

Harris plans to write for a career to help shed a positive light on the world. She describes herself as compassionate and empathetic person who wants to use her writing style to help other people. She wants to tell people’s stories to help them connect with others.

“I love the emotional connection that can be formed between people. I’m big on feelings,” Harris said. “I think words can help you see how universal human struggles are.”

Harris is not yet sure where she wants to work in the future, but she knows what she wants to accomplish. She is not looking for her own success, but for a success of connection between people. If someone is having a bad day, she wants her writing to put a smile on their face.

“I want my stories to inspire people that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, that there’s always hope, that truth will prevail and that there’s compassion,” Harris said. “And I want to show the light in the darkness.”

1 thought on “Lindsey Harris short profile

  1. joekool1000


    Love the concluding quote. Story would’ve benefitted from more detail — what drives Lindsey’s passion to help? How is she helping now?

    Lead was a cliche. Is an affinity to help really rare? I vote no.

    You’re really good at explanatory paragraphs, filling in the gaps between quotes.



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